Saturday, November 20, 2010

Numellio: Scene Three (Revisioned)

Here is scene three! I worked with Ashley a little bit more this time, and I think we are getting a grasp on how we want it to look and feel like. Hopefully you all will agree the same! As always, click the picture to view it bigger. Questions, comments, suggestions... or even hate mail *gasp* are welcomed. Thanks to those that are still following or even eagerly waiting for more. Enjoy! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Numellio: Scene Two (Revisioned)

Ah yes, here we are. Numellio: Scene Two, done again by Ashley herself. Big thanks to her once more! Hopefully sometime along the way we'll figure out what to do with all that heavy black space. Though, I for one, cannot complain because it sure beats out my scribbles that I call my "artistry".

It took awhile sure, but good things come in time. You know? Whether or not we hate waiting. I sure do, but hey, it's here right? We're still around. It's not dead, though I am sure at times you thought such. Right? Nah. You all wouldn't think that... Hm?

As always, click on it for a bigger view.